Sunnen Tube Hone Machines

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HTS Series

Let yourself be inspired by the new Swiss HTS-Series from Sunnen. This new system represents 30 years of experience combined with state-of-the-art technology, built to exceed highest demands for production. Available in two power versions, the Swiss HTS-Series reaches either up to 1,100 cm³/h or enormous 1,600 cm³/h.
With Sunnen’s new AutoShift gear box system, the spindle speed will be adjusted automatically guaranteeing maximum possible comfort and safety for the operator. The largest manufacturer of Tube Honing Technology delivers to you major advantages for the future.

Power Version 1
HTS-074-xxx 1100 cm³/h
Spindle motor: 7.0 – 9.0kW / 9.5 – 12.2HP
Diameter range [ID]: 20 – 900mm
Stroke length: up to 13,750mm

Power Version 1
HTS-124-xxx 1600 cm³/h
Spindle motor: 11.0 – 15.0kW / 16.5 – 20.3HP
Diameter range [ID]: 20 – 1000mm
Stroke length: up to 13,750mm

  • Large diameter range
  • Automatic bore geometry correction
  • Operator-friendly Windows®-based monitoring system
  • Tool overload protection
  • Easy operation with industrial touch-screen
  • Programmable dimension monitoring