Sunnen MCB Series Hydraulic Disassembly Bench

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The MCB Series Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Bench handles almost any cylinder design or configuration. The Bench design is suitable for large, heavy cylinders (rated for 4000kg / fixture).

The Nut Cracker utilises a simple and effective ratchet mechanism for maximum power and control. Re-assembly is achieved through reverse rotation using the same tooling. Precise control of pressure allows nuts to be re-torqued to OEM specifications.

Tool slide plates, together with our proprietary height-adjustable chain vice tools, ensure that any cylinder or rod configuration can be safely secured on the bench and adjusted to a common tool centre height. This gives the user maximum flexibility in disassembling and reassembling any cylinder configuration.

MCB Series Hydraulic Cylinder Disassembly Bench Demonstration

  • Maximum extraction force of 7 Tons
  • Maximum rotational torque of 65,000Nm or 130,000Nm
  • Maximum cylinder barrel OD 620mm
  • Maximum cylinder flange OD 800mm
  • Maximum clevis width 463mm
  • Maximum clevis diameter 620mm
  • Special systems can be designed to suit requirements