Sunnen Vertical Machines

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Sunnen SV-15

The Sunnen SV-15 Is designed with power, power precision, durability and advanced technology to deliver state-of-the-art performance. The SV-15 is packed with two motors, one for the spindle and one for the stroker. It is easy-to-use, yet highly advanced with real time graphical display of the bore section allowing the operator to dwell in the exact position where the bore the is smaller. The advanced auto dwell system can dwell in any position in the bore selectively removing stock for the straightest and roundest bore possible. The SV-15 has been built to make your honing time faster, easier, more precise, more productive and more profitable.
  • 1HP stoker and 3HP Spindle Motor
  • Variable speed control
  • Mechanical Power Stroking System
  • Patented bore profile display
  • Advanced Stroking System
  • Adapted to suit both Conventional or Diamond abrasive tooling
  • Built in filter system