Sunnen Tube Hone Machines

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HTE-W Series

The new HTE-W has been developed to hone small diameters, especially for job shops and repair facilities.
The flexible honing system achieves enough power to drive a wide range of push-tools by using our large assortment of borazon metal-bond super abrasives. The smart control system feels tight sections in the bore and corrects them automatically. Even excessive torque incidents are handled safely.

HTE-W 150 cm³/h
Spindle motor: 0.75 kW / 1 HP
Diameter range [ID]: 4 – 19 mm
Stroke length: 1’600 mm

  • Fast setup
  • Automatic bore geometry correction
  • Programmable dimension monitoring
  • Tool overload protection
  • Operator friendly Windows®-based monitoring system