Sunnen Horizontal Machines

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For superior high-performance, high-production bore sizing and finishing, the new Sunnen SH-2000 is extremely easy to setup and operate – even an inexperienced operator can run the SH-2000 with ease.
The SH-2000 can be operated through:

  • Manual stroke I.D. range 1.5mm – 165.1mm (0.060” – 6.50”)
  • Power stroking I.D. Range 1.5mm – 101.6mm (0.06” – 4.00”)
  • Automatic sizing I.D. Range 3.2mm – 51.0mm (1.25” – 2.00”)

Feed rates, stroke length 6.0mm – 170mm (.236” – 6.70”) and stroke speed are set and locked in, greatly reducing the chance for human error. Another major benefit of the SH-2000 is its ability to handle hard materials efficiently.

  • Runs all kind of parts–handles workpieces of almost any size or configuration and cuts all kinds of materials fast and clean.
  • Saves time and costs by reducing honing operations.
  • Complete setup is handled from the front of the machine without raising a cover.
  • Feed rates, stroke length and stroke speed are set and locked in.
  • Six times faster than I.D. grinding and other honing process.