Sunnen Vertical Machines

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Sunnen SV-25

The SV-25 produces precise bore geometries on compressor blocks, oil field components, multi bore gas/diesel blocks, performance engines and similar applications. With true vertical stroking, plenty of power to drive two stage metal bond diamond stones, auto dwell and sizelock, this machine is one of the most accurate on the market. Equipped with a high powered variable speed motor the industry leading SV-25 Vertical honing system is built to make your vertical honing faster, easier, more productive and more profitable.
  • 5.5HP Variable Speed Spindle Motor
  • 3.4HP ball screw stroking system
  • Touchscreen PLC Controls
  • Patented bore profile display
  • 2 stage roughing and finishing hone heads in one operation
  • Adapted to suit both Conventional or Diamond abrasive tooling
  • 206L internal coolant filtration system